Sunday, March 26, 2006

DragDropList changes in the ATLAS March CTP release

As many of you know the ATLAS March CTP release is out as of last week. I recently downloaded it and found out that some of my samples broke. Specifically the customization of the DragDropList I had made to add support for a dragged and dropped events.

I have posted an updated version of my CustomDragDropList class that works with the March CTP release. I primarily took the source code from this release and added my customizations. The only additional change I had to make was to rename any references to the Web.UI namespace to Sys.UI instead.

Additionally I had to remove the "templateLayout" XML-Script element from the "dropCueTemplate" element, apparently that is no longer necessary and leaving it breaks the code. A sample usage of my CustomDragDropList should looks like this:

<control id="queueList">
  <customDragDropList dataType="HTML" acceptedDataTypes="'HTML'" dragMode="Move" removed="itemAdded" added="itemRemoved" >
   <dropCueTemplate />