Friday, November 18, 2011

Nest Learning Thermostat unboxing, installation and setup

Got my Nest thermostat installed. It is really an amazing product.

Installation-wise, it is pretty straight forward except for getting the anchors into my drywall. There were two problems: the holes from my old thermostat were around the same location which meant I had to reuse them; and there was a piece of metal (presumably the metal box) on the inside which was probably less than an inch deep, so I had to shorten the anchors provided:

Once I got the anchors into the wall, installation was a 5 minute job:

How cool is this?

It is wifi enabled and it has a trackwheel interface (coincidence Tony Fadell?)

It is a pretty cool product. It will definitely pay for itself on energy savings. You can see more pictures here:

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