Monday, April 09, 2012

iPhone 3GS successfully unlocked by authorized AT&T unlock

After reading the anticipated news that AT&T was officially unlocking iPhones starting on April 8th, 2012 I called the customer service number: 800-776-4663 provided my phone number (I am an active customer with AT&T). They confirmed my current iPhone 4 is three months away from becoming eligible for the unlock because it is still within the 2-year contract (even though I have already meet eligibility for an early upgrade), but my old iPhone 3GS which is over 2 years old was eligible. They asked for the phone's IMEI number (available through Settings -> General -> About or by dialing *#06# on your iPhone) then I was asked for an e-mail address. They had me wait on the line to receive a confirmation e-mail which took several minutes. All the e-mail contains is a link to this PDF with instructions for restoring your iPhone from iTunes in order to complete the unlock. They offered to stay on the line while I restored it, but I know it can take close to an hour to backup and do a full restore, so I declined the offer. Even though I was already on iOS 5, apparently you must perform a restore through iTunes to complete the upgrade. You can still backup and restore from iCloud, but the restored should be initiated through iTunes, at least that's the official word. At the end of the restore, this is what you want to see:

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