Friday, May 07, 2010

Blockbuster and Netflix queue availability comparison

It's been over 3 months when I reactivated my subscription and kept my 1-DVD netflix subscription to keep the online streaming option. I'm really glad I did this. After the delay of WB movies, Netflix introduced the same 4 week delay for Century Fox and Universal Studios movies. Redbox also agreed to the same delay, so if you wanted to rent Avatar on April 22nd the only option available to rent from was blockbuster.

Thanks to my dual subscription, I'm able to provide you with a side by side comparison of availability for 10 popular releases. Four of these titles (Avatar, Leap Year, It's Complicated and Crazy Heart) are not yet available in Netflix due to the 4-week delay. Netflix CEO claimed that one of the benefits for the delay to customers was to have more copies available on day 29: "The most practical reason is that the savings derived from this deal enable us to be in stock completely on day 29", well Sherlock Holmes was released on 3/30 on Blockbuster and was not available on Netflix on 4/27, ironically it has a long wait on Netflix while it is available on Blockuster, makes you wonder.

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